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Here is some additional information that may help answer questions you might have.

If you don’t see your question here, please do enquire

email: kevin@macleodhighlandtours.scot.

How much does the tour cost?

Since there are many variable factors, the cost also varies.  You should know that the basic charge of £460 per day for my time and my vehicle does not increase due to the size of the party.  So the cost for four people (my maximum) is the same as the cost for one.  Accommodation and meals are extra and this cost does obviously increase with more people.  To give you some idea; if you were taking the tour as a couple, you need to budget for about £750 per day which is £7,500 for the ten day tour.

7.5% Discount is available to members of Clan MacLeod Societies.

What does the cost include?

The basic charge of £460 per day is for my time and my vehicle. In addition, there will be the cost of accommodation (which I help arrange), ferries (if necessary), meals and entries to attractions.

Can I do something different to the Great MacLeod Tour?

Yes. I can tailor your tour to your wishes as far as is possible. You may wish to shorten or extend your tour. Everything is open to discussion. I will agree your itinerary with you before you make that committment. If this becomes more than eight hours work for me, I may ask you to make a payment to cover planning. This is non-refundable unless the booking is made. This helps me to avoid nugatory work.

I am not a MacLeod, can I still take a tour?

Yes indeed you can. My USP is my intimate knowledge of Clan MacLeod but I am happy to take non-MacLeods on the MacLeod Tour or create a unique tour for you that may have nothing to do with Clan MacLeod. I would advise that there are many other excellent guides who also provide these more general tours.

What accommodation will we stay in?

Most people choose Bed and Breakfast accommodation which I do recommend. If you would prefer to stay in a hotel, this will be arranged where possible.  In our more remote locations there are not many of these.

Air B and B is also an option. Clients should note that although I can help find accommodation, rules prevent me from booking on their behalf.

What vehicle will we travel in?

My vehicle is a large SUV.  It carries three passengers and their luggage in comfort but can readily accommodate four.

Where does the tour start?

I am based near Edinburgh in the Kingdom of Fife. I am ideally placed to collect cousins and clients from Edinburgh or St Andrews. Pick-ups elsewhere in the Lowlands are also possible. Please note that it is not feasible for me to collect you if you have already made your own way to the Highlands, say to Inverness or the Isle of Skye.

How much time do I have with you as guide, dear cousin?

Just say when you want time alone! From my perspective my time is yours 24/7 during your tour. Obviously we do drive together. Usually but not necessarily, we would also dine together at breakfast, lunch and dinner. It gives us a chance to get to know each other. I am interested in you and why you have come on tour with me but importantly it is more time for you to find out things from me.

I understand the maximum group is four. How does this work in practice?

A significant part of the cost is my time and my vehicle. This element does not increase whether it is one, two, three or four cousins or clients. Two can vacation more cost effectively than one due to the advantage of sharing a twin room. Single room supplements do apply everywhere.

Can I change things whilst we are on tour?

Yes within reason. Remember we may have an itinerary with ferry schedules, opening times and ‘’arrive by’’ times at B&B to be mindful of. But extra impromptu stops and deviations are part of the fun.

What clothes should I bring?

Scotland’s weather is notoriously fickle. Four seasons in one day they say – even in summer. It can also get very warm. So wear layers so that you can adjust to the conditions. A waterproof is essential. It is also a good idea to have good outdoor shoes. Not everywhere is paved.

What is the season?

My season is from April to September. Within that, dates are allocated on a first come first served basis, following a confirmed booking with deposit.

What is the deposit?

15%. The balance to be paid three months before tour start. See full Terms and Conditions.

I still have questions.

Please complete a no-obligation on-line enquiry.

I would like to find out more. Where do I start?

Please complete an on-line enquiry. I will endeavour to respond within 48 hours. I do not have staff!